I am a wife and a mama. I am a sister, a friend, an unlikely fitness enthusiast and a writer of poems.
Mandi Holden



Hello! Thanks for showing interest in my writing and my honest pursuit of keeping it real.

I am a wife and a mama. I am a sister, a friend, a unlikely fitness enthusiast and a writer of poems.

I struggle with an addiction/love affair with food that I am trying to learn to be free from. I have been over-weight for most of my life and in the past few years, the depression and despair of it all nearly sunk me. I made up my mind to fight the fog of depression that was rolling in with all the excess pounds and make some changes. Instead of the usual diet madness, I decided this time to start from the inside out. Seeking out the root of my self-destructive behavior instead of a certain pant size. Spiritual, creative and emotional freedom is my goal, as well as physical. In 2013 I started this blog and it led me down a path I never would have imagined.  After a year of writing and facing some truths about myself, I joined my Anytime Fitness and I was changed forever.  I began a weight loss sports group, and now I work there full time as an assistant manager.  I love my job and my life and somehow through determination, I didn’t realize I had, I’ve lost 111lbs so far.


This blog is the realization that as I work on loving myself and accepting myself as I am, I will get to where I’m going. This is meant to be an open and honest space for me to share the realities of what my journey looks like. How this disordered eating and living affects my life, relationships and my faith. I hope to document what it looks like to let that grip unravel and live the life I was meant to live.

My goal is to overcome. My goal is to be empowered and confident in the woman God created me to be, comfortable in my skin. My goal is to know who I am and what I believe. My goal is to create, write and inspire.