Today is day 22 of my 30 day in home rehab. Today also marks my 50th blog post since starting my blog in February. Yippee!

The decision to start intentionally writing again was one that I was uneasy to make because I was afraid, but I’m sure GLAD I did. Crafting poetry to work through emotional stuff proves to be more and more of a blessing to myself (and others) than previous ways I was choosing to deal with uncomfortable emotions. It’s been rewarding to let that part of me come alive again. The practice of blogging daily has been so rewarding. The encouragement and accountability I have here is truly a gift. It has helped me reach a new level of determination in my journey to health and a meaningful makeover. Knowing that a few faithful friends are waiting to hear from me everyday forces me to not be lazy, give my very real, authentic self and reach harder for my goals. For that I truly thank you guys!! There’s a million bloggers out here blogging about weight loss, beauty and life…I’m so glad you have chosen to follow mine. It’s very humbling.

As far as my rehab goes, I am beyond the point now of forming a habit. I don’t believe I have done anything in my life for a strait, unaltered 21 days in a row, let alone 30. I got a fabulous haircut( 5 inches off!) and have been making efforts to do things for myself that make me feel pretty and confident. This fake it till you make it stuff really works!! It eventually puts a bounce in your step. I feel very good about this progress while at the the same time fighting the extremist inside my head that is pouting because she wants extreme results. I know however that this shedding of skin will take time and endurance. Neither of which I have been willing to pay toward this process before. As I dig into the last set of 10 days, there in ONE thing I am sure of. I know that when I reach the end, it will only mean starting a new 10 day set…for the rest of my life.