I find myself sometimes being overwhelmed with so many things that I’m sorting through in my brain.
Aren’t we all?
So much I am learning about myself, God, beauty, resilience , writing, my family. It’s hard to figure out where to roll my sleeves and dig in this morning.
So I wrote a poem instead.

My Perfect Sentence

If I could write the perfect sentence,
it would be about love.

Family and memories.
It would be about sunsets at the Lake and the sounds that lie in that faraway place in your mind.
When you’re half asleep on the beach.
Kids playing.
Water waving.
Seagulls chirping.
Lusciously relaxed.
Busy quiet.

I would write a sentence about the sweet and unexpected love of my dog.
Little creature that loves back.
Has soul.
It softens you.

My perfect sentence would be about a warm, delicious meal shared with friends.
Glasses of wine.
Breaking bread, and laughing.
Growing full with age and experience together.

If I could write the perfect sentence it would be about justice and overcoming.
It would be about laying down my sword of revenge.
My defense.
Surrendering the fight, and loving outside of my capabilities.
God, bigger than I ever could have imagined!
Yet refined to be present in the smallest cell of the smallest things.


I would write about the magic of my children.
The secret that is they,
molding and shaping me,
instead of the other way around.
These, who are beauty and have given me beauty.
The pain of unconditional love.
It actually hurts sometimes.

I would write of the man of my dreams who sleeps next to me.
Unwavering love,
weaving us tightly together.
Surviving storms,
tornadoes of wants.
Stronger and sweeter.
My friend.

If I could write the perfect sentence it would be about love.