The grief has been actually palpable this past week. It’s like everyone can feel the weight of all the questions we are all quietly asking ourselves…hanging over us, demanding our attention and honest answers.

For a moment we had collectively STOPPED.

Together, turning inward, and asking if we are really, truly LIVING?

Are we getting it right?

If it all ended tomorrow…would I have done, said, and LOVED well?

Forcing us to see and admit truths that might have been comfortably tucked away, to be dealt with later.

“Our silence about grief serves no one. We can’t heal if we can’t grieve; we can’t forgive if we can’t grieve. We run from grief because loss scares us, yet our hearts reach toward grief because the broken parts want to mend” -Brene Brown

The tragic passing of a basketball legend, his young daughter and the 7 other souls whom we will never forget in this lifetime, have left a sobering and lasting mark on us all.

In many different ways.

The interesting thing I have been observing is that death immediately forgives. No one stands up and says they recall the failures, mistakes and transgressions one has made.

No one is running stories about any public scandals or dramas.

The finality of it all leaves no room for listing sins.

The almost mechanical and respectful response to death is that we all agree to celebrate and focus on the GOOD of someone.

The true heart and intentions of someone.

The beautiful and meaningful moments of and with someone.

The love and life of someone.

It is precious…and when its gone, the true sting of its absence can only be felt when its over.

The power of THAT is what haunts us.

It made me wonder why we only reserve THAT kind of grace for each other in death?

Why do we wait?

In death, suddenly any beef we’ve had with each other, seems small. Grudges seem so stupid. The judgement and intolerance seems like such a massive waste.

Love is all that’s left.

Death comes in many forms.

Grief in stages.

If we listen closely, its a call to come back to love.

A call to forgive.

To choose to see and honor the love that WAS…and still remains.

To say thank you.

For all of the memories.

The lessons.

A call to lay down the guilt and regret and make the MOST of all we have left, while we still have it.

To get back up and intentionally LIVE our lives.

Despite the way we screw stuff up and hurt each other with our human-ness…

LOVE is what is left when it is all over.