If the words of my mouth are formed out of the stores of my heart.

I gotta sort through what’s pooling there.

A river gushing and flowing.

A current.

Strong and forceful.

Held for so long by the damn, fear.

Mediations can sometimes be shaky-

not be trusted, right?

But if my heart is deceitful above all things…

then, why is my intuition teaching me to unclench this grip?

The translation was amiss.

Who can understand it?

Because I’ve faithfully clung, tightly to those walls.

Brick and mortar boundaries,

that held me back in safety.

But was it really safety?

When it feels so good to just…be ME?


Happy to shed the skin of excess.

I’m not the buffer anymore.

Knowing instead, I am being guided through these currents.

Water clear, fast and smooth.


Ripened leaves bouncing in the breeze.


A perfect afternoon.

A deliciously lazy moment.


Sweet, shining sun cooking my freckled skin.

Aches in my belly from laughing and splashing.

Abundance dripping off me as I lay out to dry.

Smile on my face, sincere.

Gratitude in my heart, true.

My joy is still safe and sound, out of bounds.

Blessed and highly favored.

May my life be pleasing,

An offering.