Well friends and followers…I do believe that it is time for an update.

I remind myself constantly that my mission for Realology is an honest pursuit of a meaningful makeover. I feel like its been a painstakingly long process of thawing from a deep freeze of self loathing and depression. Truly a changing of seasons from a dark, cold winter to a hopeful, sprouting spring.

So many times when we see makeovers on tv it’s instant. A little makeup, a little haircut and voila! In real life this is not attainable, unless you have access to some flow of excess disposable income. I have much before me to be made over. Forget clothes and makeup (for now). I have chosen to examine not only my appearance but also my faith, my relationships, my creativity, my health and obviously the weight loss being my heaviest task (am I funny?).

Technically this is day 42 of my “sobriety” and “in bounds” eating. According to the scale this morning I am down officially 25lbs. This doesn’t look like much on the outside yet, but boy do I feel better. I can feel my eating habits have changed. Not to say that the urge to binge is not still gripping me, especially in times of high anxiety, but with grace I am overcoming each urge one day at a time. I find that knowing that I have committed to being accountable to an audience of blog followers helps to keep me from the secret silent evils I used to allow.
I am looking forward to dropping more weight and being able to move more and hopefully be able to really commit to more of a workout schedule. In my minds eye I’m an athletic beast, in reality I’m a big oaf still…time will tell. My husband and siblings and I have signed up to do a 5k in a few weeks for one of our favorite ministries. My goal is just to complete it and not talk myself out of doing it.

There have been high points and really ugly low points in all of this. I don’t expect that to go away at all. This is just the way it’s gonna be. I’ve accepted that. The biggest thing for me is to keep my focus and motivation each day. To pour into it every morning. Thanks to all of you for helping me do that.

For my own selfish enjoyment, because I have an extra bounce in my step today I will link a clip from one of my most favorite musicals ( oh yeah, I’m totally a musical geek). “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” is a movie I used to love to watch with my Gram. It always makes me feel happy. I shall sing this song today with the most obnoxious bravado I can manage that will embarrass my children.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day!