I sat yesterday afternoon in front of the wide open window in the dining room of my house.
It, proudly displaying sunshine and warmth.
Me, writing and listening to music.
The Hubs and kids were out in the front yard and I was left alone for a while with nothing but a breeze carrying the smell of cooking corned beef through my house.

I wouldn’t call it spring cleaning, but we spent the weekend going through stuff and getting rid of it. Also a busy weekend of errands, cleaning, church and visiting with family and friends. My husband attacked the mound of laundry for me, which is a labor of true love for him. He HATES laundry. We both worked to clean and clear out. It felt goooood.
Is there anything better than having the satisfaction of throwing stuff out? Getting everything cleaned? That feeling of knowing that you have accomplished and defeated what was pulling on you?

True relaxation. It was perfect.

Those moments when we stop and realize that right now this very second everything is ok. Good. Moments when we don’t doubt Gods goodness and feel the tangible weight of blessings.
Being a pessimist, I love and hate those moments. While I find gratitude I also wonder when it might be my turn to surrender to suffering. Bummer, right? Lol

The theme of clearing out and removing is supreme in my life right now. Clearing out my house, weeding out weeds from the yard, sweeping out the garage, gutting out and vacuuming my truck. Clearing out crap food and compulsive eating behaviors. Throwing out bad habits and laziness. Trashing my bad attitude and negative thinking. Making room in my days for working out and writing and time for myself, which was not a priority before. Releasing relationships that I have been hoarding, accepting the new season approaching.
Spring is such an energizing time of year because everything gets to come alive again after a dark, cold winter. What if we made the choice to wake up every morning with the gratitude and expectancy to feel clean and new, standing in front of an open sunny window?

“Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him.”
(Colossians 3:8-10 NLT)

Seize the day suckers!