Seeking relief.

Envious, feeling slighted.

Wounds and bruises exposed.

Triggers ignited.

Old news.

Old reliable.

Want to sink into the wall behind my back. Melt into the paint, until my heart dries into a hardened semi gloss.

Blend in.

Vanishing varnish.

Keep all your scales.

We are actually immeasurable.

We are not what you say we are.

We are more than what you are offering.

We deserve more.

We are. Not here. For you.


Turn away and turn within.

Let your heart get quiet.

Return again.

Self love is what we are really seeking.

This life is alive,

ONE time.

An energy of recognition.

God is in our veins.

Stars within our bones.

Reunited with the truth.


I am still learning how to make myself remember this all again, tomorrow.