It sounds better to say 10 days, three times instead of 30 days.

It helps me feel like it’s a more do able goal to meet. On day 3 of a 30 day self challenge when the initial burst of motivation has dimmed, the look down the road starts to appear a bit daunting. So, I have chosen to break it up into 3 nicely packaged chunks. Easier to digest.

The food puns are amazing this morning!

Somebody stop me!!!

The first 10 days I have dubbed my “cleansing” phase. Sounds very important and clinical right? Technically, I am doing a cleanse as a part of my boot camp so it works. So lets explore the topic?

Verb. Make (something, esp. the skin) thoroughly clean: “this preparation will cleanse and tighten the skin”; “a cleansing cream”.
Rid (a person, place, or thing) of something seen as unpleasant, unwanted, or defiling.

We clean our outer bodies, our homes, our clothes and our stuff. Some often try to clean their inner bodies ( like what I am embarking on now) with fresh juicing and this or that herbal cleanse or latest trend.
When I hear the word cleanse I think of cool, running water.
I think of rinsing away soft white bubbles on a glass while I’m doing dishes.
I imagine a lean, spiritual person taking a cleansing breath in a calm and peaceful moment of meditation.
The reality of cleansing is not so poetic right? ( Uh oh, have we reached the point in time where I talk about poop on my blog? No, not today.)
For example, when we cleanse our face we are scrubbing out dirt and oil from the pores of our face. Dead skin, sweat, God knows what else. The point is to do it everyday for a clear complexion.
The term “cleansing breath” is actually a Lamaze term used to help women in the throes of laboring a child, to focus and be distracted from the horrific pain.
The sweet and serene little pictures I conjured a moment ago are now useless…unless we focus on the end results.
The acts of cleaning and cleansing have a fabulous and freeing end result but the actual task is not much fun and sometimes even ugly. No one really enjoys it, but we all enjoy the reward afterward.

In the pursuit of a meaningful makeover it seems I’ve been doing nothing BUT ugly cleansing. It’s not just about losing weight or wearing makeup. Not just about looking forward to a new haircut or outfit. It’s about bringing everything out of the dark. Scrubbing out my heart and brain, as well as working on the outside and tangible, dress-able parts. This holistic approach to being all the me I can be has been ugly, nasty at times. The dead “skin” I’m cleansing and shedding, literally and figuratively has been stubborn. It’s been laborious.

I’m learning how to focus and work through the pains. To cleanse daily to attain a clear spiritual complexion. Looking forward to the fabulous and free feelings that are being magnified by a life lived in honesty and light. Thanks be to a patient God.