“Sometimes themes are repeated in our lives as they are in music. But at the time we hear them, we aren’t always attune to their significance. It may take perspective, time, and distance to appreciate a recurring motif.”
-Kathy Coffey “Hidden Women of the Gospels”

I am reading this book right now (amongst a zillion others it feels like). This quote lifted up off the page and forced my attention. It’s begs the question “What are the themes in your life? What messages have you heard repeated?”
The connection woven between our lessons in life and the significance of certain music is real! We are moved by music. We use it to mark the seasons and stations of our lives. It evokes joy, pain, and a myriad of other emotions. Each song becoming more valuable over time and distance.

I was inspired by this and wrote this quick poem. I think the themes in my life are pretty obvious. I have a tag cloud over here…What are the themes in yours?

Themes echoing through my life.
Like music I set to rewind.
Trying to identify these songs that haunt me.
Lessons repeated and left unlearned.
Minor chords.
Bridges burned.
Shuffle themselves in my ears,
Trying to be heard.
My head.
My life.
My heart.
A tone.
A note that strikes.
Played perfectly.
Translating my positions…always on the pulse of my current event.
Comforting like a blanket.
Hidden and warm.
Reverberate from another day.
Another time.
Another place.
Rythym rolling across my history.
Soundtrack layered blissfully.
The marriage of music and memories.
Now I’m sure I’m listening.