Maybe its the chilled rainy weather? Maybe its because my husband took me to see ” World War Z” this weekend? It freaked me out and made me think of how suddenly anything can happen.
Lame, I know. But I’ve spent most of my morning under blankets with my babies today.

It is a luxury.

I am grateful.

I find myself wanting to burn each detail into my memory.
Every freckle, every giggle.
It is bittersweet because I know that this is only a season. Swift and soon will be the days of their friends being more important…and they will be that much closer to life on their own. Lives where I am not responsible for each of their details. It makes me hate myself for all the the impatient and selfish moments where I’ve operated on crabbiness and a short temper. Im struck with the heaviness and importance of really stopping and living in the moment. Appreciating each healthy heart beat.

I’ve been planning my family reunion which is coming up next month. It makes me sad to thinking how many loved ones are gone now, and won’t be there.

Our time is so short.
We must live filled up to the brim.
Especially if the zombies come because I KNOW I won’t be able to out run them.