“It takes God time to answer prayer. We often fail to give God a chance in this respect. It takes time for God to paint a rose. It takes time for God to grow an oak. It takes time for God to make bread from wheat fields. He takes the earth. He pulverizes. He softens. He enriches. He wets with showers and dews. He warms with life. He gives the blade, the stock, the amber grain, and then at last the bread for the hungry.

All this takes time. Therefore we sow, and till, and wait, and trust, until all God’s purpose has been wrought out. We give God a chance in this matter of time. We need to learn this same lesson in our prayer life. It takes God time to answer prayer. — J.H.M. ”

– taken from “Streams in the Desert”

This was so good for me to read this morning I had to share it. The problem I have with being the extremist that I am is that I want what I want, right now. I have to remember that 15 ( or so) years of binge eating and what that has done to my body is not going to unravel over night. 30 years of a certain mindset and acquired bad habits don’t just disappear in 10 days. When I pick up and feel the real weight of that ( puns!) it can be a bit discouraging.

Remembering that this is a journey (ugh, that word) that I will be on my whole life. A discipline I will always be working on and trying to master. Learning how to love myself and be kind and generous to myself in the process. I think the magic in this whole thing is in the keeping going…the waiting and the trusting…while continuing to take each little step forward. Because if I pause if only for a moment, I know that beast of unexplainable self sabotage will pounce like a wild animal to clench down on my throat and snuff me out. So I must NOT STOP. I must not quit trying to find momentum and motivation. I must not stop rejecting the lies that I’ve believed about myself for so long. I must talk to myself and choose wisely the things that I let myself think about…and keep doing it.
And doing it.
And doing it.
And doing it.

All it takes is time.

I love this song! Please listen to the lyrics…the video is a little lame, but the song is perfect.