Today is Good Friday. I’m going to observe it today by staying of my devices the rest of the day as much as I can, so this will be short and sweet.

I learned a new word this week: vitriol. Defined as ” cruel and bitter criticism, or literal sulfuric acid.”

Someone posted on their Facebook page that, “amidst all the vitriol online this week, she was going to go ahead and stay positive.” I had to look up the word and when I did, I could not have agreed more. This week seemed hard didn’t it? Everyone is an expert. It seems like people say stuff that they probably would not say if they were face to face across a table with someone. At least choosing a different tone in which to communicate. It can be exhausting, trying to decode what intentions or implications may be in a response or a comment. Even the radio silence received at certain times can speak volumes. I’ll admit, I’m probably the biggest offender!!! Maybe I am just overly sensitive but it seems like I find myself more and more having the conversation with peeps that Facebook and social media have…Blah blah blah, taken over, this or that. You know, the same conversations you’re having with your people.
The thing is, I really like it. It can be so much fun. Sending pictures or videos that you know will make someone crack up. Thinking of clever status updates just to share some laughs. Being inspired by people and their stories. Staying connected so easily with dear friends and family that live so far away. It’s even become essential in the planning of my family reunion this summer, which is awesome!
I guess I’ll just have to keep trying to find balance and accept the good with the not so good.

Besides, it is extending my vocabulary!