I am a chaser of ambiance.
Mood setting, story setting.
Soul setting.
Rain smell…wet asphalt.
Spring brings fresh and sweet midnight air.
Sneaking in cooly through the screen; window cracked.
I like when the sheets are cold.
Lulling me to cozy up and drift away.
I know that I will soon.

Sleep timer keeps me responsible.
Muted jazz is the name of the station.
Romantic and smart.
Instantly soothing.
Permission to relax.
Have a gulp of warmed, milky notes.
Trumpets playful; for warming bellies.
These sounds stoke my cheek while I scribble.

This is what suits me.
Feels right.
I am the honored guest,
uninterrupted in this hour.
The only call is to type,
to ring true the songs in my heart.
Packaged anew day by day.
Melancholy papers, aluminum foiled joy.
Cardboard contentment.
Wrapped up carefully and shipped.
Delivered to the doorsteps of strangers.
Sleepy strangers.