This year I gave into immersion and took myself down into the depths of all I’ve been avoiding.

I gave myself time, and took care of myself…mind, body and spirit.

I gave up trying so hard to heal and untangle my heart, and just started taking pictures of the clouds, sunrises and sunsets instead.

I gave up clinging to having a steady, and reliable job…and took a chance on myself, even though it made no sense.

I gave my absolute all when I journeyed up north, where I took back my power and brought it back home with me.

I gave up feeling responsible for your healing and happiness, and took myself into consideration instead.

I gave myself over to the new version of me that has been brewing, and took an entire summer to spread out and LIVE, and slowly break her in.

Enjoying the ripe fruits of my life without hesitation or explanation.

I gave hard truths, and took them right back.

I gave my word, and took the prize of knowing I am who I say I am.

I mean what I say.

Tried and tested every day.

I gave my energy, heart and words…and took a closer look than anyone else at the faces of true love.

I began practicing giving up trying to control the “how’s “and “when’s” and took inventory of all that was, and is.

I gave up expecting him to be my everything, and took pleasure in noticing everything was better, more electric and alive, when I allowed him to show up as himself.

Without the demands I was putting on him.

I gave up resisting the surrender, healing and release…embracing both the hardship, and ease. And, took on the new tasks that lay before me…wherever it is I will be going.

I gave myself a chance to dive back into my life, and took it all in.