I have to write you,

to say goodbye.

Again, I know.

It’s only like, the 100th time.

Can I bring myself to do it?

for really REAL this time?

Each time I try,

I find the hype has died.

The funny thing is?

You never seem to struggle.

You stay safe and sound there,

in your purple bubble.

Signed your rights away?

Got a brand new hustle?

New attitude,

new address?

New eyes?

All the new feathers to ruffle?

Friends of friends?

Vibes for vibes?

Always bragging on the current list

of ride or dies?

But we’ve ALL talked shit,

And it’s no surprise.

It’s really only ME

who’ll be recognized.

It doesn’t seem fair,

But that’s the point.

I’ve GOT to find a way

to overcome this disappoint.

Another song,

another love.

One more offense to try and rise above.

One step forward, then 11 back.

12 steps total,

keeps your life on track.

But, I’m so stupid,

the joke’s on me!

There’s no endeavor left

that would have saved that old identity!

My name will just become-

a pun,

like all the others.

The rejection is very common,

from what I’ve discovered.

The gap has widened,

the divide’s been made.

The staircase shifted,

and our new paths have been displayed.

Revisit pain,

and nothing’s changed.

Still sitting through those same old movie credits as they play.  

Looking for a different ending,

somewhere else to place the blame.

And, we can’t talk.

Can’t work it out.

Refuse to stop and hear each other out.

Pride in the way,

and with the best intentions…

we’ll still remain estranged.

But count our blessings.

Along with all that’s been lost-

in the mess of our translations.

All I want-

I’ll ask for nothing more,

just give me SOME

of the closure that I have been looking for?

These memories?

Can’t be for nothing?

Has me searching deep,

for something that’s worth trusting.

Whole seasons of my life?

Just gone and wasted?

The sweetest and most bitter wine

I’ve ever tasted.

So drink in deep,

and consider more…

all of the possibilities yet in store.

Volume UP.

Guard way down.

As I make my way back home,

from this same old mountain

that I like to go and hike around.

Build a fire.

It’s time to rest.

I guess I just had to get some things off of my chest