This is one of my favorite summer songs and today is feeling especialy “Dave Matthews-y”. The kind of morning that you wish you could just jump out of bed and into your car for a road trip adventure. Summer is officially here. I have every intention of soaking up each hot and lazy moment with my babies today. Feeling great despite all the stresses bidding me to come and fret. I wanted to re-share this poem I wrote a few months ago…it reminded me (once again) that I am I charge of how I receive my day. Attitude really IS everything.


Morning fresh, calling me to join it.
Hard to push comfort away.
To keep going,
resisting myself.
Fighting the familiar current and pull of ease.

Get Up!

Breaking new ground today.
Scissors through red ribbons,
ushering me.
Welcome to new!

A new day, new start, new breath,
new heart.
New stance and way to see.
To be and act differently.
Blink blink, so much to do.
Vision clear.
Victory near.
I’m alive and life is for the living.

Heart thumping.
Limbs moving,
deep breaths,
Im wide awake, eyes fully opened and
shoes laced.

Taking my place in the world
amongst the busy birds.
Hustle bustle!
Go get it!
So grateful, thank you.