I miss my friend.

We used to talk about how we had drifted from other friends and how awkward it had become with them…and it seemed unfathomable that would ever be the case between us.
It’s the same old story of too much time passing by…making it that much harder to jump across the space between.
Effort would be required and that would be too scary to admit that our bond had now become work instead of one of ease.
We used to live inside each others lives, with fingers on the pulse of what was fresh and new and happening.
As well as what we were both trudging through.
Fears and doubts.
Swapping them back and fourth seemed to dull their power.
Now I have no idea.
Pretending not to know or notice…
But if I’m being honest,
It seems that geography and busyness isnt solely what has put us so many miles apart.
The roads have split and we’re on the opposite route.
The pain of it because the season together was grand and fruitful.
We could boast in the harvest…the truth telling and secret sharing.
And I know the seasons change with every relationship but I was convinced this time it would be different.
So I strive.
Loyal girl, foolish…again…to assume it would be easy to maintain.
I know its time to uproot myself from this plot and work on some new ones.
But let’s rest knowing we will meet up like old times again.
We’ll laugh and share the things we’ve seen and learned.
We will eat and drink and soak up the harvest season once more.
Someday when these separate roads come back together and meet as one.

β€œIt’s less the words they say than those they leave unsaid that split old friends apart.”
― Frederick Buechner