Posting a little later today than I would have liked. I’ve been getting used to blogging first thing in the morning, so thanks for being a gracious audience out there in the land of blog subscriptions.

This month is turning out to be kinda crazy!! We have the holiday this week, birthdays ( my dad and I are both on the 6th and 5th). My cousin is getting married in a couple weeks and the day after we are having a HUGE family reunion, which I am sort of in charge of. So, I spent the morning doing wedding and reunion stuff and running around with my cousin and all of our kids. It has been fun hanging out with her and some of my other cousins lately while trying to prepare for these summer events. Lots of hours logged face to face and on the phone that would not have happened otherwise. It’s funny how you drift apart over time. We were all pretty close growing up and have since spread out and started living our own lives. The more time goes by, the more akward it is to make connections. But, the more we’ve done it over the past year, the richer and more meaningful it becomes.
I imagine my Grandma looking on, watching all us girls getting to know each other as adults and growing closer and being proud. I imagine she would have hoped we’d be close friends and that our babies would grow up playing with each other like we all did. Gosh, I miss her everyday. She would have loved to see us all grown and meet our kids. I wish I would have known how special my time with her was before she was gone. Isn’t that THE hardest lesson to learn?

I know that all families go through close times and distant times. Seasons change right?

For the longest time, my extended family was so distant I never thought there would be a chance to reconnect, but here we are. It really makes you stop and reevaluate what’s important. Friends really come and go, but there is something about sharing blood, genes and a family name that weave you together with others. Sometimes that is a blessing, sometimes it isn’t.

So, I’ll just take a moment today to thank God for weaving me into a bigger picture. Life can so easily become self- centered and demand our full attention inward. Im happy to be on the cusp of something new and fresh with my family. Something exciting and outside of myself yet connecting me to who I am and where I come from. The peace and confidence of knowing that no matter where you are or what you’re doing you BELONG somewhere. The older I get, the more I realize that this is a luxury not afforded to everyone. I intend on taking full advantage.

In the spirit of weddings and reunions I’m posting a quintessential song to enjoy along with this post! Enjoy! 🙂