“Today is a day that has never been lived before.”

That was the message this morning.

Following the call of a sunrise invitation,

bidding us to rise.


We will be showing up to these lives in a different way today.


Jumping at the chance to dodge and swerve around the usual, and obvious obstacles that are waiting to snag us.

Ensnared in doubt and fears, for so many years.

Time and talents wasted.

But, not today.

Today I was reminded that I am free.

To grab my saved spot in the front row,

to see,

all of the miracles we have been waiting for.

Everywhere and anywhere, abundant.

Crystal clear clarity, radiating.

When you know where to look.

We continue to remain,

always one intentional decision away…

from a different day.

Universe asking, “do you really mean what you say?”

While the way is being paved.

Brick by brick,


Magic on display.

Deciding to persist, despite what has been in the way!

Embracing hard fought freedom.

Immersed with LIVING.

Really living.