I watched the movie “Beasts of the Southern Wild” on Saturday. I feel like I have to watch it again to fully digest its message.

It resonated with me because it seems the continual theme emerging again and again around me is to face the fear that keeps us from telling the truth. Face the fear that keeps us from fulfilling our destiny. Face the fear that is eventually our friend because of how hard it has driven us forward.

The truth really does set you free.

I spent my morning in prayer for myself and whomever else is locking eyes with their beasts today.

I pray for courage you don’t know you have yet.
Strength of a supernatural potency that would leave you with no doubt about Gods love and hand on your life.
Grace and mercy so abundant your heart would swim and soar through a high you’ve yet to experience.
Peace that surpasses all understanding that would gently peel back your walls and free you to be the YOU you were meant to be.
Surrender to a life free of fear.

“‘Cause I know my weakness, know my voice,
And I’ll believe in grace and choice
And I know perhaps my heart is farce,
But I’ll be born without a mask”

-Mumford & Sons, “Babel”